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KMR PRODUCTS - Premium segment of the Chinese bearing industry
About the brand
KMR produces a wide range of bearings in various types and sizes, including deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, spherical bearings and plain bearings. KMR also produces custom bearings, which can be designed and manufactured according to customers' needs and requirements.
KMR keeps to strict quality standards and has ISO 9001:2015 and CE certificates which ensure the high quality and reliability of its products.

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Main supplies: USA, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Brazil, Slovakia, Russia

  • 7 250 000 $
    authorised share capital

  • 18 offices

    all over the world

  • 140 distributors

    all over the world

  • 5 factories

    with a full production cycle

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    Advantages of KMR products

    KMR Mission:
    Making the world more efficient and safer using science, technology and innovation
    • High quality
    • Independence from sanctions
    • Reliable logistics
    • Request processing speed
    • Stability of supplies
    • Wide range of products
    • Possibility of production according to drawings
    • Confirmed planned production term

    By cooperating with us you get:

    • Значок выбора
      Wide range of products in stock
      Our product range is constantly expanding. You can place an order or become our dealer.
    • Значок доставки
      Timely delivery to your warehouse
      We carry out daily shipments by transport companies and our own vehicles.
    • Значок ценника
      Favorable prices and payment terms.
      We offer individual working conditions for enterprises and dealers.
    • Значок гарантии
      Product Warranty
      We provide one year warranty for all products from the manufacturer.
    • Значок люди
      Certified engineers.
      We continuously improve the level of knowledge of our specialists to make cooperation with us profitable and interesting. Our engineers are always ready to advise and find effective solutions.

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    Our products

    Shandong Guangzhou Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd (KMR) manufactures a wide range of bearings of various types and sizes, including:
    Deep groove ball bearings are used in many fields, including industry, automotive manufacturing, electric power and others. They are widely available in different sizes and designs for various applications.
    Tapered roller bearings are used in a variety of applications, including automotive, industrial, and energy industries, and are often used to support axles, gears, wheels, and other rotating assemblies.
    They are widely used in various industrial applications such as machine tools, automobiles, electrical equipment and other machinery where high radial loads are required.
    Thrust ball bearing is a type of bearing that is used to transfer loads mainly in the direction of the axis of rotation. This type of bearing has a high load capacity and can operate at high speeds. They are used in various fields such as industrial equipment, automotive industry, energy and others.
    Thrust roller bearings are commonly used in heavy industrial applications such as metallurgy, mining and construction industries where it is necessary to withstand heavy loads. They can also be used in the automotive and aerospace industries.
    Spherical rolling bearings have the ability to compensate for shaft and housing alignment, making them an ideal choice for applications where small deflection angles may occur. These bearings are widely used in industry, including machine tool construction, mining and petroleum industries.
    Plain bearings, also called slip bearings or flat bearings, operate based on friction between two surfaces that slide over each other. They are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including machine tools, compressors, pumps and turbines.
    Fully detachable roller bearings allow installation, replacement and diagnostics without dismantling other equipment, mechanisms and machine parts. Detachable roller bearings are widely used in many industries.
    Body bearings are a type of deep groove ball bearings having a spherical outer ring surface and the ability to self–center. They are installed both separately and in a combination of different housings. They have wide applications in all industries.
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