The history of the KMR brand

1988 year

creation of a Chinese-German joint venture for the production of industrial bearings.

2007 year

registration of the Shandong Camelry (KMR) Bearing Science Holding Company & Technology Co., Ltd.

2008 year
participation in the Chinese State Bearing Committee, creation of 5 national quality standards and standards.
2009 year
expansion of production, purchase of modern equipment, including the AICHELIN heat treatment line (Austria), equipment for thermographic tests, etc.
2010 year
obtaining 21 national patents for inventions
2011 year
cooperation with the LUOYANS Bearing Research Institute, establishment of an authorized state P&D center
2012 year
obtaining the status of a postdoctoral program, which employs 5 state authorized laboratories and a research center.

2013 year

creation of a foreign department, an e-commerce platform, and technology centers.

2014 year
signing a long-term cooperation agreement with Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd., a leading steel company in China
2015 year
achieving a profit volume of 1 billion yuan
2016 year
investing 200 million dollars in a new production facility with a capacity of 3.5 million products per year
2017 year
acquisition of 30 acres of land for new workshops, establishment of an Intelligent Bearing Heat Treatment Technology Service, as well as inspection and testing projects
2018 year
commissioning of the world's most advanced Aichelin heat treatment system
2019 year
establishing long-term cooperation with Dalian University of Technology, as well as with Shandong Institute of Machine Design and Research and Henan University of Science and Technology
2020 year
creation and implementation of a Universal service platform for the inspection and testing of KMR bearings, approval as a key project in the service sector in Shandong Province
2021 year
recognition of KMR as a state-owned integration enterprise in Shandong Province
2021 year
obtaining recognition of the plant as a "National specialized enterprise" producing high-quality brand products of Shandong Province
2022 year
The number of patents for basic products has reached 36. The company is recognized as the leader of the manufacturing industry in Shandong Province
2023 year
signing of an agreement with Liaocheng Technological University on the permanent targeted training of professional technical specialists for enterprises of Shandong Province on the basis of the KMR plant
2023 year
In March 2023, the company's products received the first prize of the Shandong Province Equipment Manufacturing Technology Innovation Award